Idaho Grower Shippers Association
 Idaho Falls, Idaho
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About Idaho Grower Shippers Association
The IGSA was originally incorporated back in 1942 in the State of Idaho as the Idaho Traffic Association, Inc.  The actual Articles of Incorporation were signed by the Board of Directors on December 2, 1941, just a few days before the attack on Pearl Harbor which occured on December 7, 1941.  A.G Stanger, Chris Christensen and J.E. O'Neil were the original sinators of the Articles of Incorporation.  Later, its name changed to the Idaho Potato and Onion Shippers Association in 1945 then to the Idaho Grower Shippers Asssociation in 1960.
IGSA is located at 3670 South 25th East Idaho Falls, Idaho
IGSA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the IGSA consists of nine elected members, seven from our regular membership and two from our associate level membership.  Elections are made at the IGSA Annual Meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Current board members are:

Jon Webster, Chairman                            Weston Crapo, Vice Chairman                          Eric Wahlen, Secretary/Treasurer
Webster Potato Co.                                  Sun-Glo of Idaho                                                Pleasant Valley Potato
Rigby, Idaho                                             Sugar City, Idaho                                                Aberdeen, Idaho

Derek Peterson                                        Jim McBride                                                       Scott Mickelsen
Wilcox Fresh                                             Mart Produce                                                     Rigby Produce
Rexburg, Idaho                                         Rupert, Idaho                                                     Rigby, Idaho

Klade Williams                                          RoLynne Hendricks                                           Rick Miles
Arrowhead Potato Co.                              Cooper Norman                                                 Rick Miles Produce Service   
Rupert, Idaho                                            Idaho Falls, Idaho                                              Idaho Falls, Idaho