Supporting our communities and the future leaders of our industry is important to the Idaho Grower Shippers Association and its members. Whether it be through cash donations or potato deliveries, we support organizations that feed underprivileged Idahoans. Additionally, the IGSA contributes thousands of dollars in scholarship money each year to support higher education endeavors of individuals with a connection to the Idaho potato industry. All of these contributions are made possible by the generous donations of our members and sponsors.

Charitable Donations

Feeding America

Feeding America is a national organization that has taken upon itself the task to change the reality that 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger. Through a network of food banks staffed by employees and volunteers, the organization feeds many of Idaho's most needy families. The IGSA has provided donations to Feeding America since 2012 and was able to donate $5,000 cash in 2017.

Idaho Food Bank

The Idaho Food Bank is headquartered in Boise, but provides service to communities throughout the state to families struggling with hunger. The Idaho Grower Shippers Association had the honor of facilitating delivery of thousands of pounds of potatoes to the Idaho Food Bank in 2017 including deliveries for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


The IGSA Scholarship Program

The 2018 IGSA Scholarships will include distributions totaling $10,000.00

To Qualify for the 2018 IGSA Scholarship Award:

  • Strong preference is given to applicants whose mother, father, or legal guardian is a member of the Idaho Grower Shippers Association or employed by a member of the association.
  • Applicants must be college committed to pursue a higher education degree (Associate, Bachelor or Graduate Degree) or Technical Certificate.
  • Additional consideration will be allocated to those applicants pursuing a major in Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  • Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA or higher.
  • Applicants can reapply so long as they have not previously received an IGSA Scholarship award.

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